Sharon Wei Introduces di Terra Jewelry Collection

In direct response to multiple requests from industry buyers and retailers, Sharon Wei is launching a new jewelry collection that’s more durable and lower-priced than her namesake gemstone line, Sharon Wei Designs.

Inspired by nature, di Terra by Sharon Wei is skillfully designed with earth-toned gemstones and freshwater pearls. Most of the necklaces in the collection feature a unique hand-braided silk rope, allowing the wearer to twist, wrap, double, knot or drape the piece in accordance with their own individual preferences and attire. The silk loop closure eliminates the need for a clasp.

Each piece is beautiful, hypoallergenic, durable and resistant to sweat, salt water and tarnishing, which makes them perfect for an active lifestyle. Artistically designed and meticulously crafted, the collection is meant to convey inner peace and tranquility.

As Wei explains, “I wanted to design for the explorer, the yogi, the naturalist, the rock climber, the deep-sea diver; for the one who wants to feel in harmony with nature, and wear something day in and day out, without having to worry about it on their adventures.” The collection retails from $150 to $285. For more information, visit